Monday, 27 September 2021

V&A's Colour Fever conference

The Colour Feed:

You give me fever - colour fever! This Autumn, the V&A Museum in London will be holding a two week celebration of colour photography in the form of a free online conference with talks featuring industry experts from the world of image-making. The sessions take place 25th October- 5th November and will be a deep dive into the history and practice of photography from the 19th century to the present day. 

Taking photos on a daily basis is the norm for many people, from tracking the developments of a child as they grow up, to capturing Instagram-worty shots for social media;  the subject of photography has never been more relevant. But there's much more to discover in image curation and creation when you start to explore the world of colour photography than simply clicking a snap. 

Panel discussions at Colour Fever include 'Colour Before Colour / Colour After Colour,' 'Science and Colour Photography' and 'Slow Colour' which I'm particularly interested in as it's a term that's new to me, but sounds like a topic I can relate to. It may even have some connect with my Hello Hue colour philosphy of slowing down and taking time appreciate colours. I'm excited! 

Look out too for a series of Artist In Conversations that includes hearing from key curators at the museum.

Tickets are available to book now. 

(All images from V&A website as there are currently no publicity shots for the event)