Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Spray Paint Colour of the Year 2022

The Colour Feed:

There are alot of 'Colours of the Year' in existence and the newest to join the shades of the season is spray paint brand Rust-Oleum who have named their spray paint colour of the year as 'Satin Hunt Green Club' - it's a bit of a mouthful and is inspired by the green palettes found in nature with the intention of experiencing the same level of calmless you'd feel if you were outside in a park and bringing that into your home. 

The brand have also created three palettes to use Satin Hut Green Club with and they can be found across the different types of spray paint they offer:

  • Invigorating Reflect joy and optimism within your space with this vibrant collection.
    Colors include:
    Satin Summer Squash, Satin Magenta, Metallic Cobalt Blue, Satin Hunt Club Green

  • Serene Embrace the timeless relationship between earth and soul with colors inspired by nature.
    Colors include:
    Chalked Aged Gray, Matte Metallic Copper, Satin Moss Green, Satin Hunt Club Green

  • Grounded Create an air of elegance grounded in familiar tones that are sure to make a statement.
    Colors include:
    Farmhouse Matte Black, Satin Aubergine, Gloss Khaki, Satin Hunt Club Green

Feeling the urge to get spray painting? Rust-Oleum paints are available online and at paint shops.