Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Pantone Autumn 2022 trends

The Colour Feed:

London Fashion Week is in full swing which means colours are being put under the spotlight and studied for their potential to become a ‘trend.’ But some forecasters issued their trend palettes before the catwalk shows got underway. Pantone Colour Institute revealed their predictions for Autumn/Winter 2022 colour trends early, and they revealed some very ‘foodie’ inspired names.

Of their 10 selected seasonal shades, half are inspired by edibles; both tantalising and unappetising. On the plus side there’s an earthy toned ‘coffee quartz’ and a classic ‘bubblegum pink’ but there’s also a very muddy and unappealing looking 'humus' and an acidic inspired ‘fragile sprout’ which is far more bold and sturdy than it is fragile.

These are the 10 colour trends to look out for in fashion and interiors over the coming months with descriptions provided by Pantone:

  • 14-5713 Cascade: Connected to cleansing waters, dreamy Cascade cools and refreshes

  • 16-1349 Coral Rose: Vivid Coral Rose is a floral tone whose energizing presence brings a sense of excitement

  • 18-4143 Super Sonic: Vibrant Super Sonic is electric in intensity

  • 12-0825 Popcorn: Bright and cheery Popcorn radiates warmth to all who embrace it

  • 13-2004 Potpourri: Potpourri is a lighthearted and carefree fresh pastel pink

  •  17-1928 Bubblegum: Eye-catching Bubblegum sends a message of playfulness and positivity

  • 18-1160 Sudan Brown: Sudan Brown is a naturally rich earth-baked brown tied to the great outdoors

  • 15-0549 Fragile Sprout: Sharp and acidic Fragile Sprout is visually arresting

  • 14-3612 Orchid Bloom: Orchid Bloom is reminiscent of our heightened love for nature’s florals

  • 18-1307 Coffee Quartz: Coffee Quartz, a flavorful brown that touches on both the basic and the glamorous