Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Manjit Thapp - My Head Is A Jungle

The Colour Feed:

Manjit Thapp's extraordinary illustrations of female protagonists have graced the pages of books, products, and zines, but her new solo show which has just opened at the NOW Gallery in Greenwich Peninsula, reveals a more personal story. 

My Head Is A Jungle is a commission Manjit was awarded as 'Young Artist 2021' by the gallery and it features beautiful, intricate illustrations set within tropical backdrops representing growth, solitude and empowerment. There's a diary-like quality to the portraits, which could be one character, or several in their own fantastical worlds. 

Each piece starts off as a digital design but Manjit then brings them to life with additional colour and that's what makes her work so exciting. Online they are attractive, but in person they are exquisite.

It's the must-see exhibition of the summer and well worth a trip to London to see. It runs until 31st October.