Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Hello Rainbow Book Published!

The Colour Feed:

Happy Hello Rainbow Day!!! 

Yes! My book is finally out and I could't be happier with the date, it's Christmas week,  Winter Solstice and a beautiful number too 21.12.21 : )

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions I wasn't able to have an inperson book launch, (hopefully I will have one in the new year) so instead I held an Insta Live event where I was joined by the book's forward writers Sue Kreitzman and Karen Arthur, celebrated by dressing up as my book and took it up the Sky Garden, one of the highest viewpoints in London, where I had planned to watch sunset but due to so much cloud, there wasn't one!

The publication date of my book changed eight times due to a combination of Brexit and Covid delays which also meant very few preview copies were available so it's an incredible feeling knowing all the people that pre-ordered the book, have now received it and my work and words are finally in the public domain.

Thank you so much to the team at Leaping Hare Press for making my dream book come to life. I'm excited to share it with the world : )

If you missed my Insta Live launch, there's a very lovely write up about it thanks to Asian Culture Vulture so do check it out : ).

Book outfit images by Richard Kaby