Monday, 20 June 2022

Hello Colour Podcast launch

The Colour Feed:

In the grand scheme of things I never planned to launch a podcast but six weeks ago the time felt right and I had this all encompassing feeling that this was something I needed to do. So I sat down there and then and made a commitment. I looked at my calender and realised that I was six weeks away from the  six month anniversary of the publication of my book Hello Rainbow Finding Happiness in Colour, which coincided with Summer Solstice it felt like the perfect date since my book had launched on Winter Solstice and I have a thing about significant dates. 

I've opted for a short and sweet bite-sized show where in each episode I delve into a different aspect of colour theory and colour therapy, from the meaning of different colours to practical ways colour can be of benefit to us. They're less than 10 minutes in length, as I want them to be useful and appealing rather than feeling like there's no time to listen to them.

One of the challenges I face is making colour, a visual medium, appealing on an audio level. There are currently around 2.5million podcasts and many have moved into being videos broadcasts too. But for now I'm keeping my podcast audio as that's where my heart is and the audience I hope to reach. 

There are alot of things I wanted to include in my book that there wasn't space for and I'm excited that the podcast will allow me to share those things. I've also recently been reminded that not everyone reads, and so I'm hoping the podcast will attract listeners that are interested in colour who may not buy the book.

It's a work in progress and I'm learning all the time. I would appreciate your listen and welcome any feedback. You'll find Hello Colour on all the usual podcast platform providers via this handy link

I also marked the launch day with an Instagram Live launch which you can watch back. 

It's yet another adventure in colour I'm embarking on and I'm very much looking forward to sharing my colourful thoughts with an international audience.

The show also has it's own theme tune, composed especially for it called I Dig Your Colours by a three-piece band called Cellophane Company. I can't stop smiling when I listen to it. It's a sunshine pop tune filled wih positive vibes, which is what I hope you'll also get from listening to the podcast.