Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

The Colour Feed:

It's started! Paint brands across the world are currently revealing their Colour of The Year 2022. One of the most anticapted announcements each year is the shade that Dulux champion and they've just shared that their colour of 2022 is a soft, pastel blue called 'Bright Skies.' 

It's a cool, calming tranquil shade but it doesn't suggest 'bright' in anyway - it's a muted colour that looks grey in some lights. Then again, Dulux's 2021's colour was a beige shade called 'Brave Ground' and beige isn't brave, it's actually the opposite very safe. 

Bright Skies has been described by the brand as a 'light blue that signals a fresh start and a wave of hope and optimism.' The colour has been created for 'hybrid living' so that it works well for homes where people want to relax but they also need to work. 

In addition to the new paint colour Bright Skies, Dulux have created four accompanying palettes featuring 37 colours that compliment their new soft blue so you can mix and match them together across your home. 

The Hello Hue verdict is that the colour is ok, it's on the brink of being beautiful but the grey tone within it is a little too strong and waters down the blue too much. I would have prefered a bit more blue energy for a much more uplifting feel, just like we get when the sky really does dazzle as a bright, brilliant blue. 

Images: Dulux