Monday, 19 July 2021

Birmingham Design Festival Conference 2021

The Colour Feed:

The theme for this year's Birmingham Design Festival Conference is Colour and I'm one of the Speakers! You dou don't need to travel to Birmingham to hear my talk, or the others, as they're all taking place online. The Conference launches with a live exhibition in Birmingham on Monday 16th August, with online talks followed by Live Q&As taking place Tuesday 17th-Friday 20th. 

Here's what's in store: 

Tues 17th - The Creative City 

Digital Launch - 99 Birmingham designers are involved in this epic event which showcases creativity in the city.

Wed 18th - Chromatic 

Graphic Artist, Educator & Author Patrick Thomas is hosting an interactive online survey about colour investigating how we perceive it. 

Thurs 19th - Playful Colour

3 x 30 minute talks from Artists that celebrate colour in their work - MURUGIAH, Liz West and Daniel Eatock

Fri 20th - Practical Colour

3 x 30 minute talks with three professionals obsessed by colour - I'm one of them, alongside Brian Collins Chief Creative Officer brand strategy agency Collins and Eddie Opara, graphic designer and Author of Colour Works a comprehensive reference book for using colour in design. My talk is about ways you can use colour therapy to boost your creativity. 

A festival pass will give you access to all the days and that's definately the best way to get the most from this colourtastic conference. 

Website for full details & tickets