Colour and Mental Health

Carmen Croxall, Founder of The Prop Factory shares how colour helps her manage her mental health conditions

The link between colour and mental health is an important one. As a Colour Therapist I advocate the benefits of colour for wellbeing and I believe that there is much positivity that can be experienced through exploring the use of colour in different aspects of our life. 

It's not a topic typically addressed by healthcare professionals in the UK, but the proof that colour can help people with mental health conditions is in those who've experienced it for themselves, and share their stories. 

To mark World Mental Health Day (October 10th), I talked to someone for whom colour provides more than just aesthetic pleasure, but is a lifesaver. 

Carmen Croxall  Founder of, and Chief Biscuit at The Prop Factory spoke to me about how colour helps her manage being bipolar and having ADHD. You can watch our insightful, positive, and important chat in this video above. 

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If you have a mental health condition please seek advice from a specialist about the right treatment for you. You can also try these resources if you are in the UK:


ADHA Foundation


NHS - Every Mind Matters